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Breathe Easy: The Friendly Guide to Radon Testing

Happy New Year! As we step into January, it's not just about new resolutions – it’s also National Radon Action Month. Let’s chat about something important yet often overlooked – radon testing. Here at KDG Home Inspections, we're all about keeping our Southeast Wisconsin community safe and informed.

So, What’s Radon, Anyway?

Imagine a gas that you can't see, smell, or taste, but it could be hanging around in your home. That’s radon for you! It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil and can sneak into homes through tiny cracks and openings. And here’s the kicker – it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer. Yikes!

Why Radon Testing is a Big Deal in Our Area:

We love our Southeast Wisconsin community, but our area is known to have higher-than-average radon levels. So, think of radon testing as a “must-do” health check for your home.

Radon Testing Made Easy by KDG:

At KDG Home Inspections, we make radon testing a breeze. We use the latest gadgets to measure radon levels and give you the lowdown on what’s happening under your roof. It’s simple, quick, and super important.

When Should You Test for Radon?

  • Buying or Selling a House? Add radon testing to your checklist.

  • Haven’t Tested in a While? Radon levels can change, so it’s a good idea to test every couple of years.

  • Just Because: Why not? It’s all about peace of mind.

High Radon? No Problem!

If we find high radon levels, don’t sweat it. There are nifty ways to fix it, like sealing up cracks or installing a radon mitigation system. We’re here to guide you through it.

Join Me in Taking Action This Month:

In honor of National Radon Action Month, let’s spread the word and encourage our friends and family to test for radon. It’s all about taking care of each other and our homes.

Final Thoughts:

Radon testing is one of those things that’s easy to put off, but it’s so important. Let’s start the year off right by making sure our homes are safe and radon-free. Give us a call at KDG Home Inspections, and let’s check radon off your 2023 to-do list!

Stay safe and breathe easy !!

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